How Long Have You Been Struggling To Fall AND Stay Asleep?

Discover WHY Your Brain CAN'T Shut Down

One Sleepless Night Can Cause Permanent Brain Damage & Insomia

What Started As Just One Sleepless Night...

This one LATE, stressful, traumatic night caused damage to the part of my brain that controls sleep... something I didn't know was possible.

I didn't know just one sleepless night would lead to this waking nightmare.

I resorted to taking Ambien.

Drugging myself to sleep was the only thing I could think of…

After thinks like Melatonin only made the reason I couldn’t sleep…

Much, MUCH worse.

I took Ambien for few months…

Until This Happened...

The last thing I remember…

Was lying in bed…

Yelling at myself to fall asleep….. As usual.

But something totally unusual followed

I woke up SLEEP-driving at 3:24am…

Wearing my pajamas…

Going the WRONG way on LA’s I-5 freeway.

Bright lights were blinding me…

As the sound of blaring car horns whizzed by.

“What the hell’s going on?” I screamed.

Was I having a nightmare…

Or was I awake?

“Is this real?!?!”

I nearly shrieked in terror.

I was disoriented and confused

Unfortunately… THIS… was no nightmare.

Not a sleeping nightmare anyway.

I was driving straight into oncoming traffic !

I had no idea how I got there…

Or how long I’d been behind the wheel.

All I could think was…

“How the HELL did I end up on the freeway…

Driving the wrong way…

In the middle of the frickin’ night?”

What if you could naturally overcome your sleep problems

(Insomnia, anxiety, deppression…)

And your mental health in general...

Without ANY sleep aids whatsoever?

Wouldn’t you want this anxiety-squelching, sleep-made-easy secret?

I’m Jim Hefner,

I’ve been in the health industry most of my adult life…

Famous for building the largest Float Tank Therapy Center in the world.

I’ve devoted my entire life to my health with my biohacking, brain-repairing-secrets obscure and often unavailable to the public.

Don't we all think we're superhuman

until something goes seriously wrong with our health

It wasn’t until I discovered the brain’s Sleep Dial…

That I figured out WHY everything I tried didn’t work.

More importantly…

Once I discovered HOW to repair the Sleep Dial..

I was finally able to defeat

Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression.

But it’s definitely not just me.

When YOU use Hemp’s secret Sleep Cannabinoid…

Just like I did…

You can reset the neurotransmitter responsible for controlling sleep…

Deep in the brain.

When I say "brain damage,"

I'm not being overly-dramatic.

When your brain is deprived of recouparing, restorative, regenerative sleep…

You can literally SEE the damage.

Don’t believe me?

Well, this is likely what’s happening to your sleep-deprived brain…

Right Now

This is an fMRI Scan…

And WHY you can’t sleep.

You literally have a different brain than people who get regular sleep

It’s a problem that only gets worse, unless you repair your brain’s Sleep Dial.

The longer you let sleep-deprived brain damage go on…

The more permanent your sleep problems become.

It’s and endless, traumatic cycle that never ends…

Unless you address the core of WHY your brain can't shut off...

And Repair Itself...

Now… Your brain repairs itself the most between 2 – 6am. But you ideally have to get to sleep by 10pm… To reach this naturally restorative state.

Here’s what I mean:
This is your brain’s
Circadian Rhythm Sleep Clock.
If you don’t get enough sleep
And go through the brain’s entire
Circadian Rhythm cycle…
Your body will NEVER recover…
And you won’t get your natural sleep back.

I had to figure out what the CORE of my sleep problems were.

I connected with Dr. Anish Desai.

He’s an internal medicine doctor out of NYU.

In combination with expert guidance and my own research…

The Sleep Dial finally came into view.

It's your GABA Neurotransmitter!

GABA controls your BRAINS’S ability to relax… and sleep.

GABA controls your BRAIN’S ability to relax… and sleep.

If GABA is under-fueled and under-inhibited…

If freaks out…

Making your nervous system freak out too.

So, all of my research focused around how to refuel and stalize GABA.

I needed to figure out how to turn DOWN the GABA Dial…
And give my brain and body “permission” to relax…

Easily allowing me to fall and stay asleep throughout the night… every night.

I connected with one of the most regarded manufacturers of supplements in the United States.

We were able to find an extremely rare ingredient…

Known as "the sleep cannabinoid."

This canna-nutrient is called CBN.

It’s GABA best friend.

CBN tells your GABA Neurotransmitter, “Everyone’s okay… you’re okay… you can relax now.”

Pretty amazing stuff.

After carefully finding the optimal dose of CBN...

And combining it with supporting compounds that help your brain recover from all of those nights you couldn’t sleep.


Sleeply is an expert-formulated solution to address and manage the core of sleeplessness, Insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Diane J.

It has improved my sleep. I started using Sleeply a couple months ago, since then I’ve been getting longer, better sleep cycles. And, No side effects or tiredness in the morning. Thank you!

Joshua P.

I like Sleeply when I’ve had a stressful workday that required 4 cups of coffee or more. They definitely help me knock out about 30 mins after I take them. Feel great after I wake up. The familiar ingredient list puts me at ease as well.

Mark P.

I’ve been struggling with Insomnia since I was 9 years old. I’ve tried everything to fix my sleep too from gobs of Melatonin to Lunesta. But even on those nights when I drugged myself to sleep, I’d still wake up around 3am, like clockwork. I can’t tell you how many times I yelled at myself to ‘shut up and go to sleep!’ It just made the stress of NOT sleeping worse.

The first time I took Sleeply, I didn’t feel drugged out. I felt real relaxation – making it easy to fall asleep, but it was staying asleep through the entire night that rocked my world!

The nightly dose of brain-repairing CBN begins to rebalance your GABA Neurotransmitter…

Starting the very first time you take Sleeply.

With on-going use…

Decades of damage done to your brain from countless sleepless, stress, traumatic nights…

Can be undone.

With Sleeply

You're dealing with the underlying reason you sleep... the GABA Sleep Dial.

In fact, I stand behind this brand-new formulation so much…

I’m giving you our LIFETIME guarantee.

If you aren’t getting the very best sleep of your entire life…

At any point in time…

We’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.

That’s HOW confident I am Sleeply will work for you.

But when Sleeply does help you get your sleep back…

You’ll want to keep taking it…

So your Sleep Dial’s fully repaired

That very reason is why most of our customers order Sleeply

with our Subscribe & Save option.

They want to make certain their bottle or bottles or Sleeply keep arriving in their mailbox…

Because going back to their no-sleep-nightmare isn’t an option.

I do have to warn you..

We often run out of Sleeply. Seeing this means we presently have fresh Sleeply in stock.

I recommend getting 3 bottles with our Subscribe & Save option… So you’re guaranteed to always have Sleeply on hand for yourself… And everyone in your family who needs it.

One of your life’s biggest priorities. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend choosing to Subscribe & Save when your order. You’ll save at least an extra $21 a month for something you and your family will never want to be without. And don’t worry… You can cancel anytime.

We’ll also let you know before we send out your new order…

So you can say NO to your next shipment…

Should you decide Sleeply isn’t for you.

Plus, of course…

You still get 100% of your money back if Sleeply doesn’t help you get the best sleep of your life.

Again, that's our lifetime guarantee.

You're completely protected by Sleeply's no-hassles LIFETIME money back guarantee.

Choose Your Package

And Get Healthy Sleep Forever

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